Sure! Here’s an example of a “Student Information Form”:



Full Name: ___________________________

Contact Information:
Address: ______________________________
City: _________________________________
Postal Code: __________________________
Country: ______________________________
Phone (Home): _________________________
Phone (Mobile): ________________________
Email Address: _________________________

Educational Information:
Current Grade Level: ___________________
Class / Grade: _________________________
Intended School Year: __________________
Date of Birth: _________________________
Place of Birth: ________________________

Parent / Legal Guardian Information:
Father’s Name: ________________________
Father’s Occupation: ___________________
Father’s Phone: ________________________
Father’s Email Address: __________________
Mother’s Name: ________________________
Mother’s Occupation: ___________________
Mother’s Phone: ________________________
Mother’s Email Address: __________________

Emergency Contacts:
Person to Contact in Case of Emergency:
Name: _______________________________
Relationship: __________________________
Phone (Home): ________________________
Phone (Mobile): _______________________

Other Information:
Languages Spoken at Home: ____________
How did you hear about our school? ______________________________________
Do you have any specific needs or considerations we should be aware of? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for completing this Student Information Form. Please provide accurate and up-to-date information to facilitate our admission process. We look forward to welcoming you soon to [Graceland Bilingual Complex].

Signature: ____________________________ Date: __________________________


Remember to customize this Student Information Form according to the needs and specifics of Graceland Bilingual Complex or your school.